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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ode to a Grandfather

I remember that day when I said, "Aajobaa, tell me about your life?"
And you said, "There's so much, where do I begin?"

I said "I have all time time in the world"
You said, "I hope I do too."

And then it began, I heard so much that day and yet I remember every last detail. How you worked in the Navy, how you struggled to make ends meet, how you heard every political leader that came to Shivaji Park and how you lost your dear ones to the bubonic plague. Yet I remember only one thing more clearer than all this. The day I pulled your long beard and you smiled the most amazing smile. Dad went, "Yashad, aajobaana tras deu nako (Dont trouble your grandpa) and you just went, "Its okay I know he recognizes me, if love hurts like this then he can pull my beard all he wants!"

My grandfather has the most amazing white lustrous beard, all the small kids call him "dadhiwale aajobaa" (The long bearded grandfather). He is an engineer by education and he learnt medicine from reading books. He is very religious and still gets up in the morning at 5 to go pick flowers for morning pooja. You should see his physique. At his age, he still has the strength to hang clothes for drying. I mean he still has more muscles than me, and I work out! Even at his age he still walks like he is in his prime. I have to make an effort to keep up with him sometimes.

He has a hauntingly beautiful bass voice. When he starts talking, you automatically get lost in his words. But more than all this, I love him because he always has time for everyone. You can go visit him any time of the day and he will take an interest in your life. He has a phenomenal memory, and to this date he never forgets my birthday. He is the first one to come to my house and wish me.

He taught me to never give up, to always say true to myself and most importantly to care for everyone. I am blessed to have a Grandfather like him.

By the way, he is 89 yrs old, and yes, he is going to around for a long time.

Happy Birthday Anna Aajobaa! (7th August)


  1. :) Grand parents are special! You did well to dedicate your first (well, second technically, but you know what I mean! :P) post to your grand father! :)

  2. This is one thing I will always miss in my life.The special bond people share with their grand father, since I never had one. Since a child, I was always fascinated by the sorta relationship my frnds shared with their aajobas. I will continue to have that fascination forever. I am glad you Yashad have had a wonderful time with him, time which you cherish forever. Cheers!