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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The First Post

Here goes, my first blog post. Its been a while since I have actually had the time and/or the inclination to sit down gather all my "random" thoughts and write. Long time ago a dear friend of mine told me a few lines by Alexander Pope,

"Words are like leaves, and when they are most abound,
Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found"

This makes me think about my first post currently being written and I think that I should write something that people should find interesting enough to keep them coming back to my blog. But then I think that the purpose of a blog is to make the author voice his opinions and mullings to the world, so I shouldn't really care too much about it. So as I think and write I don't have a clue about what to write here, yet I go on typing endlessly. This is something I wrote a while ago,

"I look at a blank page.
No lines, no margins.
And I wonder what I should write.

I set the limits,
No one knows what to write here, but I know
Do I write about life, reality, dreams?

I write about ME."

I do have an active poetry page online, but I don't think many people know about that. Its just that I feel that I should write a blog too. See where it gets me. The title "Random Thoughts" is one I have been meaning to keep for my blog. I always thought that would be the title of my first book of poems.

Many of you must know by now that this post has absolutely no essence about it, but come on, its my first blog post. I hope that you shall follow the lines of Emily Dickinson and,
"Judge tenderly of me!"

PS: More deep posts are in the pipeline. This post is a mere alibi to write a blog, I wanted this post to be an apt rendition to my blog title.


  1. Don't walk around as if you own the world....Walk around as if you don't care who does...

    Write on....:-) the sneak peak of a poetry happening here....

    Good luck:-)

  2. I am going to follow your blog..

  3. I like your style because it is simple and fluid, think have said the same about your poems. Why don't you put a link to your poetry page on your blog?

  4. Yashad dear Yashad.Stop caring so much about people in general. Whether they read your blog or not is just not the point. Spaek your mind and ones with similar thoughts will come automatically. Just the way I did