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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too Many Things!

This post is about 2 months earlier than it should come. By that time I would have had a SURPRISE party, I hope! Way to fish for one, eh?

Anyway, have a lot of stuff on my mind for the last few months, hope this does some justice to all those seemingly random thoughts.

For the last few months, I have this weird feeling of wanting to do many things at one time. Like there is always some place I have to be at. Like there is perpetually something I have to do. A lot of things have happened in my life, but I dont think any of those are the reason for this feeling. I have been thinking a lot about things, maybe over thinking things to be precise. I recently became a part of a local Rotaract Club and I am happy to say that I have stopped feeling out of place there like I used to. Guess it must be the people there. Spontaneous plans are happening almost every 2-3 days. Its a nice feeling.

I am getting to know people better than I hoped to know them. I am connecting with friends from the past, whom I never bothered to keep in touch with but suddenly one day I feel like talking to them. What's App is a blessing in disguise. I have been writing mails, long mails. Earlier I used to write for only people I cared for, people I felt will stand the test of time, people I genuinely liked. Now I guess I that circle is expanding somewhere. I have begun to realize the value of time. Of doing things at the right time. It maybe a compliment that you felt you should bestow upon someone, telling them they look good in a sari, or telling them not to come to work on their birthday and watching their smile, or just while walking along on the road telling the guy next to you how good a friend he is and has been.

These are but small things that go a long way. Appreciating people in long mails spontaneously written at 3 freaking am in the morning because you didn't get a chance to tell them how much you respect them for what they are is a mere inkling of what this feeling is. Calling up people at 7 pm when you know for a fact, that they are busy and yet just asking them a simple question, "How are you?" and hearing that stock reply,"Good!" is what this feeling is. Reminiscing about the good times to spent with your friends at a far away place is that feeling. Its that feeling you get when on a cold morning you are still under the warm covers. That feeling when you look at someone and they just "get" you. That feeling when someone shares their life story with you simply because they want to.

I had written in a previous blog post that I haven't had the time for myself, but I was wrong. I have always had time for myself but have never bothered to use it to unwind. I was constantly caught up in some stupid thought that I should have just drowned out over the new album of Coldplay. Life is simple enough, its long enough to do everything you want, its perfect enough to make you happy. There are moments like this all around us, and sometimes we just choose to ignore them. There are small things we can do everyday but we choose to neglect them.

I guess I found the perfect name for that feeling,"Growing up." For real, this time round.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Aroma Hai Hai!

So my mom got this scheme where if you get 2 foot massages, the 3rd one is free. So I decided to go for it. We went to this place called AromaThai. On entering, they confirm your appointment and tell you to take a seat. You are asked to take off your slippers and have to put on Osho chappals. Till here its all good.

Whoever is free (guy / girl) for a foot massage comes out and takes you inside. You sit on a recliner and wait for person to come & start. Now begins the real stuff.

I got this girl to massage my feet. She must be about 24-25 and she greeted me with their traditional Thai namaste greeting. As I sat wondering what was next she bought this huge soup bowl and kept it next to my feet. And then she started rolling up my jeans. I was like, "Wait wait! I will do it", but she just smiled and said,"Relax, sir." Awkward moment #1. Then she rolled up my jeans to the knee, asked me to put my feet in the bowl of hot fragrant water. As I just put them in, she started to wash my feet! Awkward moment #2.

As Indians we are not used to people touching our feet, it is only for blessings from elders at weddings or birthdays that we actually touch someone's feet. So this was pretty embarrassing for me. As she washed my feet, my entire body was physically held, like a massive cramp. She of course noticed that as the massage started and said only only those two words again,"Relax, sir!"

I was amazed that her hands would have the strength that they did. I had a really hard time actually relaxing since in my head those awkward moments kept repeating themselves. As I tried to take my mind off the awkwardness and tried to enjoy the relaxing feel, she asked me another question,"How's the pressure?" it didnt even register that she asked me that! She repeated the question and I mumbled,"Perfect!"

After about 45 mins of this, she was done and asked me to sit up straight from the recliner. She disappeared for a few moments and came back. She cracked the muscles on her hand and arms and asked me to sit facing the wall. As I wondered what this might be for, she started to massage my back, neck and shoulders. This continued for the next 15 mins. Leaving my body hurting in places I wouldnt know could hurt.
But of course the fault was all mine, if only I had accepted and let my body loose all this would have helped a lot!

Frankly speaking the massage is very good & really helps you to relax a lot. Once you get over the initial trauma of feet touching & jeans rolling, AromaThai actually is a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon. Just be careful to roll up your pants before you walk in!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Almost There"

It's about time we give a damn
Enough of all the publicized shams,
This indifference will take us down,
We are losing the battle for freedom's crown.

We quickly "used to" and abandon all hope,
Never fully realizing the might of our scope
Most of the times we leave our actions hanging,
Just like...

Monday, April 25, 2011

15 things I learnt in a year

Well, as most of you know, I completed 1 year of work on 15th April, so I thought for all those like me, let me give you all some pearls of wisdom.

There are certian things that one must follow in order to survive the "Corporate Life." Most of us unconsciously follow it anyway but here goes:

1. ALWAYS save more than half of your earnings, it is these savings that will later help you to go to Goa!

2. ALWAYS have a good working relationship with your boss, after all the boss will approve all your holidays

3. NEVER contribute ideas in a discussion where the people talking are senior to you, it only gets the work delegated to you.

4. When in doubt, escalate (escalate= bring to the attention of your boss, its better to look stupid, than to screw up)

5. When in trouble, delegate.

6. When asked about your opinion on the matter, always contribute one, if you don't talk then, you won't get to talk EVER.

7. Always mark a Carbon Copy of official mails to team members, that way when the boss throws a surprise question / asks for a report, you can always have back up in the team member's mails.

8. When having lunch with colleagues, wait till everyone finishes, don't get up in a hurry, because the most interesting conversations (read bitching) happen just before everyone has to start work post lunch.

9. NEVER say "Yes" to impress anyone.

10. Always be sure of your skills, if you don't know Powerpoint, say it.

11. Learn Excel & you will Excel.

12. ALWAYS be ready for extra responsibilities, it will only add to your resume.

13. If you cannot do something, ask for help, it will only give you a chance to learn.

14. Admitting your mistake is only one step, ask about how you can make it better.

15. NEVER discuss work in the loo, there are a lot of seemingly good, but in reality shitty ideas there. Plus that's the only time a person has to himself, let it be peaceful.

In the past one year I have stuck by these rules. Yes, they might not work for all but they definitely made work life easier for me.

Let me know if they work for you!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Another year has come and gone
But I still don't feel old,
A lot of things just passed me by,
Watching newer things unfold.

Its hard to believe time's fluid motion,
Does it really flow that fast?
One second you are caught in a moment,
And the next, its all in the past!

Thanks for all the wishes guys,
It really means a lot,
If I dont have all your love,
What else have I got?

Friends like you guys are here to stay,
Its so nice being loved anyway :)