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Monday, April 25, 2011

15 things I learnt in a year

Well, as most of you know, I completed 1 year of work on 15th April, so I thought for all those like me, let me give you all some pearls of wisdom.

There are certian things that one must follow in order to survive the "Corporate Life." Most of us unconsciously follow it anyway but here goes:

1. ALWAYS save more than half of your earnings, it is these savings that will later help you to go to Goa!

2. ALWAYS have a good working relationship with your boss, after all the boss will approve all your holidays

3. NEVER contribute ideas in a discussion where the people talking are senior to you, it only gets the work delegated to you.

4. When in doubt, escalate (escalate= bring to the attention of your boss, its better to look stupid, than to screw up)

5. When in trouble, delegate.

6. When asked about your opinion on the matter, always contribute one, if you don't talk then, you won't get to talk EVER.

7. Always mark a Carbon Copy of official mails to team members, that way when the boss throws a surprise question / asks for a report, you can always have back up in the team member's mails.

8. When having lunch with colleagues, wait till everyone finishes, don't get up in a hurry, because the most interesting conversations (read bitching) happen just before everyone has to start work post lunch.

9. NEVER say "Yes" to impress anyone.

10. Always be sure of your skills, if you don't know Powerpoint, say it.

11. Learn Excel & you will Excel.

12. ALWAYS be ready for extra responsibilities, it will only add to your resume.

13. If you cannot do something, ask for help, it will only give you a chance to learn.

14. Admitting your mistake is only one step, ask about how you can make it better.

15. NEVER discuss work in the loo, there are a lot of seemingly good, but in reality shitty ideas there. Plus that's the only time a person has to himself, let it be peaceful.

In the past one year I have stuck by these rules. Yes, they might not work for all but they definitely made work life easier for me.

Let me know if they work for you!


  1. Hey, nicely written. You gave a complete picture of "Corporate Life". The fifteen things that you mentioned are worth following in all professions. I sincerely wish you all the success in your profession. And I look forward to more of your blogs...:)
    Pranav Limaye

  2. Really nice and really true :)

  3. Yashad!Best blog on poetic feet yet :) Learn Excel and you will Excel? Couldn't resist could you? :P Glad you found the push you needed to blog :)

  4. Haha! Liked all the points, funny how some of them were like you mentioned unconscious but followed anyway! :)

  5. That's a honest list :)