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Friday, March 16, 2012


Yes, I have told the entire world that there is renovation going on in my house. I have cribbed & fretted and now have finally resigned & accepted that in these last few days that there is nothing I can do about it. No I am not thinking about how great the house is going to look when I get wooden floors in my house. Or how awesome my room is going to look and stuff. All that is secondary, the first thing I think is that my bed is dusty.

All that apart, renovation actually made me realize a few things. As a family we seek alternatives to make our house livable. We go through that effort & compromise on personal luxuries to facilitate each other. Now that the TV is under wraps, the computer is put away; we have “meaningful” conversations. I think I must have reconnected with my parents after such a long time now!

But perhaps the one thing that renovation helped me do is to connect with myself. With neither the TV nor computer keeping me occupied, I finally have (once again) some time to introspect. So I began thinking about these last 3 months. What a ride it has been! Starting with December, I went to China! That was by far the highlight of my 2011. In January, so many things happened in quick succession. That calls for a new paragraph!

I got declared as the President Elect of Rotaract Club Of Thane Central. I witnessed and actually felt a life changing moment when I went for the last day of World Responsible Youth Week. I still remember my friend came up to me and just said,” Isn’t this inspiring?” I still remember standing on Marine Drive looking at the sea trying to absorb it all. My birthday! I got the two best gifts I could wish for! Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential & the Original Graphic Novel V For Vendetta. Finally used my office salary debit card for the first time. My school friends royally dined on my behalf! On the Rotaract front, we pulled off the biggest Professional Development project – an inter school India based quiz competition. Was consequently declared as the Star Of The Month for January in the club!

One more paragraph about Rotaract. Attended the Pre-PETS (President Elect Training Session) & the Rotaract District Conference. That was the time I got the feeling that I am really going to take up Presidentship next year. It was just amazing feeling to be in that room with 22 other people just like me, who were equally anxious and excited about the same thing. In February & March, I held two Graphology sessions, one at our club with our parent Rotary & the other at Rotaract Club Of Thane Suburban. Attended the RCTS installation, my first ever installation. I can almost imagine mine right now! Went for an ICYE to Alibaug and witnessed a Sister Club Agreement signing. As a President Elect it was perhaps one of the few events I could not have missed. On the last day I went to my uncle’s house in Alibaug itself, where we were having a family reunion. That feeling when my entire family cheered as I entered the house a day late was awesome! Hosted the team from Margao in March, which was great as well! Two sister clubs for next year in the making!

Finally music! I watched some artists that I always wanted to watch LIVE! Attended the Kala Ghoda fest & watched Niladri Kumar (once more!) and The Raghu Dixit Project! I had a dream of watching Advaita LIVE, thanks to a friend who had passes I could attend the Mumbai Mirror JAM and catch them live. An unforgettable evening that was! Watched Jayteerth Mevundi at Kala Ghoda, one of the few great disciples of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi himself. Rediscovered that music has the power to “move” your soul. The simple joy of listening to such greats makes me feel so insignificant.

So this was a time of so many firsts! By God, I am loving it, and there is only more in store! These last 3 months made me undergo a mental renovation!