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Friday, October 28, 2011

Aroma Hai Hai!

So my mom got this scheme where if you get 2 foot massages, the 3rd one is free. So I decided to go for it. We went to this place called AromaThai. On entering, they confirm your appointment and tell you to take a seat. You are asked to take off your slippers and have to put on Osho chappals. Till here its all good.

Whoever is free (guy / girl) for a foot massage comes out and takes you inside. You sit on a recliner and wait for person to come & start. Now begins the real stuff.

I got this girl to massage my feet. She must be about 24-25 and she greeted me with their traditional Thai namaste greeting. As I sat wondering what was next she bought this huge soup bowl and kept it next to my feet. And then she started rolling up my jeans. I was like, "Wait wait! I will do it", but she just smiled and said,"Relax, sir." Awkward moment #1. Then she rolled up my jeans to the knee, asked me to put my feet in the bowl of hot fragrant water. As I just put them in, she started to wash my feet! Awkward moment #2.

As Indians we are not used to people touching our feet, it is only for blessings from elders at weddings or birthdays that we actually touch someone's feet. So this was pretty embarrassing for me. As she washed my feet, my entire body was physically held, like a massive cramp. She of course noticed that as the massage started and said only only those two words again,"Relax, sir!"

I was amazed that her hands would have the strength that they did. I had a really hard time actually relaxing since in my head those awkward moments kept repeating themselves. As I tried to take my mind off the awkwardness and tried to enjoy the relaxing feel, she asked me another question,"How's the pressure?" it didnt even register that she asked me that! She repeated the question and I mumbled,"Perfect!"

After about 45 mins of this, she was done and asked me to sit up straight from the recliner. She disappeared for a few moments and came back. She cracked the muscles on her hand and arms and asked me to sit facing the wall. As I wondered what this might be for, she started to massage my back, neck and shoulders. This continued for the next 15 mins. Leaving my body hurting in places I wouldnt know could hurt.
But of course the fault was all mine, if only I had accepted and let my body loose all this would have helped a lot!

Frankly speaking the massage is very good & really helps you to relax a lot. Once you get over the initial trauma of feet touching & jeans rolling, AromaThai actually is a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon. Just be careful to roll up your pants before you walk in!