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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Everytime that I look at my profile,
All the Farmville requests seem so vile,
The notifications are long,
Helping to move right along.
Isn't that the way,
Everybody's got some spam to clear away!

I know nobody knows,
Where do Wall archives go,
I know its everybody's sin,
Limited profile views for your kin...

Half my life's in Facebook pages,
Lived and learned from photos and status messages,
You know its true...
All the spam, comes back to you!

Post with me, post some messages,
Post for the laughter, post some cheer,
Post with me just for today,
Maybe tomorrow everyone will block you away!

Dream on, dream on,
Its gonna be a while till the spams gone!
Dream on, dream on,
Its gonna be a while till the spams gone!

- Based by Aerosmith's "Dream On", Inspired by "The Social Network" and a tribute to all my "likes!"


  1. What a mix,
    What a mash,
    I feel its total trash,

    If thats what u call poetry,
    and wanna enjoy a bash,
    then its sure not going down well,
    Oh swell,
    Its the gutter ,
    dont think no butter ,
    the walls not where one goes.

    Tribute to Zuck,
    It so suck ,
    Oh what the #$@^,

    Get a life ,
    the nets not ur wife ,
    Aerosmith got a hit ,
    But u might just get one.

    I dont smile ,
    it go no mile ,
    for its not pretty ,
    thats for sure.

    All that spam ,
    and all that fans,
    its a virtual world
    No reality no no .

    The bubble will burst ,
    the spear will thrust ,

    and I am sure
    one day it will be pure

    The written word,
    better and better and better

  2. Thanks for taking out the time,
    To comment upon a trashy rhyme,
    Let me point out an irony here,
    Your comment on mine is worse, my dear..

  3. Hahahahahahahaaha!! YASHAD!! Well said! Good one ;)

    (Sorry my comment doesn't rhyme! Or wait, does it?! :P )

  4. Haha.. Tp aahe, totally unexpected though..

  5. That was fantastic! You should mention the Aerosmith part at the start though. I kept the song on while listening to it :D